JUNIOR YEAR (11th Grade)

Ø Complete the NCAA Eligibility Center application

Ø Meet with high school counselor to review and revise your academic plan

Ø Make sure your class schedule satisfies the NCAA core course requirement

Ø Challenge yourself academically

o If possible, take AP and Honors classes

Ø Narrow your college list to approximately 10-15 schools

Ø Understanding of each school’s admittance requirements (ACT/SAT, GPA, etc...)

Ø Verify SAT and ACT registration deadlines - we recommend to take one of the tests multiple times

Ø Take SAT or ACT

Ø Have scores sent to NCAA Eligibility Center and schools on your list

Ø Attend financial aid workshops/obtain financial aid form (FAFSA) www.fafsa.ed.gov

Ø Review college applications for admittance with family and guidance counselor

Ø Start requesting letters of recommendation for college applications

Ø Visit college campuses

Ø Try and visit during the week when class is in session to get a good feel of what the campus looks like during class time

Ø Update the college coaches on your soccer and academic achievements and tournament/showcases your team will be attending

Ø Reply to all emails/phone calls from college coaches, keep lines of communication open

Ø If you don't have an interest in a particular school, politely let the coach know

Ø Meet with your coach/Director to review and revise your college list

Ø Club coach should provide you with a realistic evaluation for what schools on your list make sense from a soccer standpoint

Ø Schedule unofficial visits with schools that have shown interest

Ø Participate in showcase events with your team

Ø College summer soccer camps for the schools still on your list

Ø Demand excellence in the classroom

o GPA and Class Rank potentially play a role in admissions and financial aid process

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